I'm a self taught Australian photographer based in Wollongong who began as Cupcake Photography in May 2013 when I started a Facebook page to post the beach photos I would regularly take. At the time I never dreamed I would shoot with models or clients, even though it was something I wanted to do for the last 20 years.  A few months later I was modelling for a Cosmetics brand called Dolls & Dames and the owner had asked if I would be her photographer too. I took & the plunge & I instantly loved shooting portraits and fashion and I decided to stop kicking stones on the sidelines and started to work more and book shoots. I specialise in vintage style shoots but I also have a love for fashion. 

I have worked with clients such as  Stefania Ferrario for Startlet Fever, which I was also a model for by getting in front of my own camera, Debstar Designs, The Nylon Swish, Lady Medusa,Hardcore Logo, Sarsparilly, Dolls & Dames, Doily Delightz, Tina Harrod, Honest Dons Cafe and Radio Vintage. In 2017 I also shot my first wedding.  

For me, photography is about the journey. It shows you where you started, and allows you to advance, to learn and to push yourself to become better at something you love. And I do love it!  I am such a people person so shooting portrait photography gets me to connect with the model, and the team around me & do create something together. It's all an experience and I love sharing my experiences 

I have been published locally & internationally in such magazines as: 

Stalletto (which I am featured on their website) 


Retro Review 


Perfectly Pinup 

Dark Parlour 


Pink Bow City 

Behind the Looking Glass 

Creative Cosplay 

Ace of Spades 

Pinup Alternative 

Delicious Dolls 

Alternative Revolution 

Vintage Boudoir 


In Style

Please contact me for a quote & availabilities 

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